Nu zaterdag, 4 maart, gaat onze Nederlandse collega Theo Dumoulin er weer sterk tegenaan op Laserradio in Nederland.

Onder het motto 'Tell it to my Popcorn" krijgen de popcornliefhebbers ook deze maand weer twee uur popcorn van de bovenste plank.

We luisteren naar Theo elke eerste zaterdag van de maand van 20 tot 22 uur via http://www.laserradio.nl.



We schotelen jullie alvast de playlist van Theo voor.


1 Hunt, Pat You are my first love

2 Bellomo, Joe Gift of the gods

3 Fletcher, Sam Take me in your arms

4 Griffin, Merv Along came Joe

5 King Pins Dance Romeo dance

6 Ainsfield, Freddy A place in the sun

7 Nash, Johnny I'm leaving

8 Laddins I'll kiss your teardrops away

9 Baker, Ronnie See you in september

10 McKay, Beverly Conscience

11 Carter, Fred What am I gonna do with Anna

12 Staro, Frankie Edge of a star

13 Clark, Lucky Let me be your fool

14 Thomas, Pat I can't wait until I see my baby's face

15 Knight, Robert Dance only with me

16 Williams, Bobby Tell it to my face

17 Barris, Marti Ahbe Casabe

18 Clarke, Tony The entertainer

19 Big Maybelle Yesterday's kisses

20 Coleman, David Drown my heart

21 Berry, Dorothy You better watch out

22 Lytle, Johnny The loop

23 Brasher, Miss Cathy Sh ... listen

24 Preston, Mike A house a car a wedding ring

25 Collier, Al Who will take the place of you

26 Scott, Jack Now that I

27 Gari, Frank Tonight is our last night

28 Smith, George I've had it

29 Bari, Nicola Di Amo te solo te

30 Murillo, Sergio La historia de mi amor

31 Naylor, Jerry Stop your crying

32 Franklin, Aretha I can't wait until I see my baby's face

33 Garnett, Gale I'll cry alone

34 Hopkins, Linda If you walk away

35 Latin Souls You've been talking about me baby

36 Benton, Brook Still waters run deep

37 Rankin, Kenny Sure as you're borne

38 Rawls, Lou The house next door

39 Jones, Lacey Two time loser

40 Chapman, Grady Tell me that you care

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